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Savvy politicians give some of the best advice

Savvy politicians give some of the best advice By John Kelly The Washington Post August 17, 2021 Excerpts: David Meyer is the mayor of the City of Fairfax. Before that, he served on the City Council. He’ll never forget the aphorism the since-retired city manager shared with him: “There are two things an elected official needs — gray hair and hemorrhoids. The gray hair makes you look distinguished, and the hemorrhoids give you a look of concern.” I didn’t ask David whether he’s, um, grown into his role. That’s just one of the memorable bits of advice readers have sent my way this week. In 1990, Jay Silberman was running for the D.C. school board. On his way to a community event, he found himself stopped at a red light next to Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Jr. “I rolled down my window and handed him my campaign flyer,” Jay wrote. “He glanced at it for a few seconds, and then called over: ‘Just remember this: People like to be asked and people like to be thanked.’ ” The light turned green and t

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